B.Sc in Biotechnology

B.Sc in Biotechnology: Your Gateway to a Promising Career

B.Sc in Biotechnology: Your Gateway to a Promising Career

B.Sc in Biotechnology: Your Gateway to a Promising Career

B.Sc in Biotechnology

Among all the highly job-oriented degree courses, B.Sc in Biotechnology stands out. This course is perfect for class 12th students with a PCB combination from any recognized board.

What is B.Sc in Biotechnology?

B.Sc in Biotechnology (H) is a full-time four-year graduation program. It blends biology with technology, focusing on the use of living systems and organisms to develop products. Students learn about genetic engineering, molecular biology, and bioinformatics.

Career Scope after B.Sc in Biotechnology

Graduates in Biotechnology have diverse career opportunities. They can work in pharmaceuticals, healthcare, environmental conservation, and agricultural industries. Jobs include research scientist, biotech analyst, quality control officer, and more.

Significance of a Degree in Biotechnology in the Future World

Biotechnology is revolutionizing the future. It plays a crucial role in healthcare advancements, sustainable agriculture, and environmental protection. A degree in Biotechnology equips students with the skills to contribute to these global challenges.

Why Choose Swami Vivekananda Institute of Modern Science (SVIMS), Kolkata?

SVIMS, Kolkata (Affiliated to MAKAUT) is the best institute for studying Bachelor of Science in Biotechnology. It offers top-notch education and state-of-the-art facilities. The institute boasts experienced faculty and modern laboratories. SVIMS provides excellent industry exposure and placement opportunities.

Features of SVIMS, Kolkata

  • Experienced and dedicated faculty in the Department of B.Sc Biotech
  • Advanced laboratory facilities
  • Strong industry connections for internships and placements
  • Comprehensive curriculum covering the latest in Biotechnology
  • Focus on practical and research-based learning

Direct Admission Open for Limited Seats

Direct admission is open for very limited seats at SVIMS, Kolkata in Biotechnology Bachelor’s Degree. Apply now before they are gone!


Get a degree in Biotechnology for a rewarding career. Enroll at SVIMS, Kolkata for the best education and career prospects. Apply now for direct admission in B.Sc in Biotech!

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